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Agia Efimia is centrally placed on the island and makes an excellent base from which to explore - all the sights and the best beaches are no more than about an hour's drive away.
Before the 1953 earthquake this seaside village was one of the island's more important centres of trade, with stately homes, like the mansion still standing on the right-hand side of town. Agia Efimia was totally rebuilt with assistance from the French, and today it is a picturesque provincial town with a small harbour for yachts and ferry-boats.

Agia Efimia

The town boasts a fine selection of restaurants and tavernas, coffee shops, cafes and snack bars, as well as bakeries, supermarkets, a bank and a post office. Whilst not over commercialised (yet!), this friendly town offers plenty of amenities - it's where the Greek people come on holiday during August. There is plenty to do - there are many water sports nearby and you can hire boats and explore nearby bays and unspoilt coves, or hike a bike, moped or car and explore. Whilst Agia Efimia offers a number of beaches in and around the town, they tend to be pebble rather than sand (ideal for snorkelling!). However, the world famous Myrtos Beach is only a few minutes' drive away.

In Agia Efimia's harbour and on the coast road to Sami there are dozens of small beaches with pebbles and stratified rocks. The largest and most popular is that of Agia Paraskevi. The town owes its name to the small white Church of Agia Efimia near the harbour. It celebrates its Saint's day on July 11 with a procession and festival, where the local dance ensemble performs traditional dances. It's great fun to watch - or join in with the snaking lines of dancers if you have the energy!
There are ancient ruins above the village and some great walking trails in the nearby valley and hills - you can even walk the beautiful 8km to Myrtos Beach if you feel so inclined.

The Odyssey hotel overlooks the Ionian Sea, Sami bay and Ithaca...



Odyssey Hotel | Agia Efimia, KEFALONIA


No Greek island offers so many contrasts as Kefalonia

Kefalonia Island

Exquisite virgin beaches surround Mount Aenos, with its impressive wooded peaks. The serene yachting village of Agia Efimia and the bustle of nearby aristocratic Fiscardo. Romantic Renaissance castles overlooking forgotten villages and valleys. Hidden among ancient olive groves, the subterranean nymph lake Mellisani is fed by secret rivers that cross the island unseen...

In spring, the sea breeze carries the fragrances of a thousand flowers. In the clear sky of summer and autumn, the sunset across Myrtos Bay is unforgettable. And all year round, robola, the local Riesling wine, is not to be missed!

In 1900 four times as many people lived here as today. But the spirit of Ulysses lives on. Birthplace of Gnostic philosophers and eccentric artists, of extravagant ship tycoons and sturdy peasants rooted in the soil, ingenious traders and otherworldly clerics, despotic dictators and uncompromising revolutionaries of various hues, fervent poets and haughty jurists, Kefalonia has left its mark all over Greece and beyond - indeed its children are prospering all over the world. But, as they themselves smilingly admit, among their many virtues, the virtue of moderation is rarely to be found!

General Information

Kefalonia is the largest and the most mountainous of the seven Ionian Islands.
It is 689km2, but has just 40,000 residents.
It produces excellent wines, olive oil, raisins, fruits and milk products.
Saint Gerasimos is the protector of the island and his remnants are kept in the monastery bearing his name, in a small village near the island's capital, Argostoli. He is celebrated every year on August 16.
Kefalonia was conquered by the Romans, the Turks, the Venetians, the French and the English, but it was finally united with Greece in 1864.



The Top 10 Things To Do and See on Kefalonia

Taking a vacation among the islands of Greece sparks the adventurer's imagination. With a multi-layered history that reaches back millenia, Kefalonia or Cephalonia,is an island offering a variety of activities- from scenic views to beautiful beaches to exciting caves. Let's see some of it's must see treasures..


Myrtos Beach and its famous Sunset

Myrtos Beach

Famed worldwide as one of the best beaches in Greece and on the planet as a whole, Myrtos offers both the blue seas of the Mediterranean and the verdant hills of Kefalonia in one. The crescent-shape beach is increadibly clean and framed by white cliffs that are topped with dense forest vegetation and scrub. The awe-inspiring and breathtaking views draw many people to take a trip to this fantastic beach and stay until the vibrant sunsets (the best on the island) that augment the amazing views here.


Antisamos Beach

Antisamos Beach

Green hills and lush vegetation surround the turquoise waters of this white-sand beach. Come down to relax in the sun or under the colorful umbrellas after swimming in the warmth of the Mediterranean. Antisamos Beach is close to the village of Sami.


Boat Tours

Boat Tours

On a fair day, when the water is clear and blue and the weather is nice (pretty mush everyday here!), taking a spin around the island on a boat is unbeatable. Kefalonia has various coves, inlets, and secluded beaches just waiting to be explored. Either by sailing or motor boat, travel somewhere out of the way for some swimming and a pic-nic away from the crowds. Rent a boat a enjoy a unique experience or join a daily cruise tour to Ithaca island.


Assos Village

Assos Village

Assos is a quaint and small village situated on a peninsula overlooked by the ruins of a Venetian Castle from the 16th century. Since the town is right on the coast, visitors can experience the warm and seafaring atmosphere typical of the Ionian isles. Check out the narrow alleys and colorful traditional architecture of the houses, or head down to one of the pebbly beaches and enjoy the utter seclusion. Visitors will discover many white and pink flowers, beautiful churches, and a path through the forest that leads up to the castle.


Monastry of Saint Gerasimos

Monastery of Saint Gerasimo

Named after Cephalonian's very own patron saint, Saint Gerasimos, this monastery is reconstructed from the original, built in 1560. The monastery is expansive and very impressive and sits beneath Mount Ainos, near the villages of Fragata and Valsamata. Because of the saint's legendary history of curing many people with mental illnesses, this is now a place where thousands of people come on pilgrimage. Here, visitors can view the tomb of Saint Gerasimos as well as his two cave-like quarters located beneath the monastery.


Ancient Acropolis

It would not be a true visit to Greece without a trip to some archaeological sites on the island. One of Kefalonia's most impressive is the ancient acropolis archaeological site located in Sami, a town which used to be heavily fortified. Originally a city-state featuring its own coinage and making appearances in the pillars of Greek literature, such as Homer's Iliad, the site finally fell under Roman siege. Under its new masters, the town flourished as a port, and archaeogists have found numerous luxurious houses and public bildings from this time period.



Melissani Cave

There are quite a few wothwhile and intriguing caves to explore on the island of Kefalonia, including Melissani Cave and Drogarati Cave. Located close to Sami, it is not surprising that Melissani Cave has a history tied to the ancient acropolis. Around the blue lake found within the cave, which illuminates dazzilingly each day at a specific time, archaelogists have discovered post and boat fragments that link into a myth concerning the nymph, Melissanthi.

Drogkarati Cave

On the other hand, Drogarti cave is a work of natural wonder, offering astounding views of rock formations in a constantly changing environment.


Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

A rocky coastline and relatively safe waters makes Kefalonia one of the best islands in Greece for scuba diving. Some diving centers are located around the island such as Aquatic Scuba diving club in Agia Efimia, where travelers can get trained and suited up for an exploration of the Ionian Sea and old shipwrecks.




Although there are a number of fantastic villages all around Kefalonia just waiting to be discovered, Fiscardo is truly top-notch. One of the few villages left untouched by earthquakes, this fishing town has many walks right on the water that grant visitors a spectacular view of the neighboring island of Ithaca. In addition, tha pathways of Fiscardo are populated with a diverse collection of shops, taverns and beatiful Byzantine churches to boot.


Historical and Folklore Museum of the Corgialenos Library

Korgialeneios Library and Folklore Museum

Located at the center of Argostoli, at Ilia Zervou 12, not far from the theater, it is a great place if you want to read a book or study. Quiet and has a great selection of old and new books alike. Has a fabulous museum to the side with lots of history about the island, traditional items and clothing from Kefalonia, and pictures from the 1953 earthquake. Definately worths a visit.




Services & Facilities

Mnistires Restaurant

Mnistires Restaurant

Pairing luxury surroundings with the finest culinary experiences, this boutique retreat satisfy all the senses.

Mnistires Restaurant is available to non-residents too.
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Spa Facilities

Spa & Wellness

Treat yourself to a little touch of heaven with our new, therapeutic and relaxing body and face services. Visit our Spa to purchase exclusive Spa products.

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From small business meeting to larger conferences,up to 150 people, Odyssey's facilities along with our staff's experience can ensure the smooth flow and the excellent result for the organizers and all the participants.

Weddings Services

Weddings Services

Book your dream wedding in Kefalonia with us! Our affordable, tailor-made wedding packages include wedding planning services and assistance in arranging your marriage ceremony and all planning for your dream reception.

Gift and Souvenirs

Gift & Souvenirs

Here you can find some of the most original souvenirs from Kefalonia and Greece too, such as hand made jewerly, silver jewerly, silver souvenirs, sandals, hand bags, cosmetics, and many more items.

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